Sunday, February 13, 2011

"The Spirit of Adventure!"

I watched a movie called "UP."  It was a cartoon with a very powerful message about life and how we start with a dream and them "life" happens and you don't make it.  Here is a couple who met as kids and they both had a dream of being adventurers at a faraway place and living there.  As They start saving something happens and they have to use their saving to deal with it; then a cycle starts of saving and reacting (spending) to things that they finally become older and then... you have to watch the movie.. But it showed me that in life you have to make time and work to that goal.  I learned to try to keep my eye on that goal and stay motivated because life will continue to happen and you will continue to live but that dream should never fade away it should be always present.  On the other hand don't forget to live the adventures you encounter on the way to your goal!  On the way to your goal is where all the excitement happens the other feelings of success and happiness for getting there will pass! So let’s seize the day! and Plan for that goal in your heart that you want to obtain! (Don’t forget that there are no limits so think BIG!!) 

What was blogging to me

Blogging...  I could not figure out the point of doing this action.  I thought of it as a diary that everyone can read and that you apparently want them to find and read it. What a joke!  Then I thought it was frustrated writers that maybe did not make it as a writer and decided to voice pages of a book that they could not complete but it seems as if blogging has to do with communication and a way of people to express that want to "talk" to someone and have them reply back.  They probably are looking for people who think like they do and cant find it in their everyday cycles of life but can find it here in the virtual pages of the Internet.